Angela McGowan

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Angela Hon McGowan is empowered with over 20 years of Healthcare experience! She’s a Compassionate, Authentic, Caring and Committed Professional Healthcare Advocate.
She is dedicated to creating solutions by navigating through the red tape of Healthcare issues such as: Groups, Single, Dual Coverage, Assigned Healthcare and Primary Care Physicians vs. Out of Network Specialty Care Physicians.
She has been a Speaker for the Tele Summit hosted by the Wealthy Sisters Network National Organization; A Panelist discussing healthcare concerns and causes of women during International Day of Sisterhood, .
Angela McGowan is not just the Founder and CEO of Angie’s P.A.C.E., Inc. she is an Encourager, Intercessor and Success Mentor, who is passionate about sharing and serving the healthcare needs of others.

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Professional Healthcare Advocate and Caregiver Strategist Helping you navigate through healthcare’s Sea of red tape. Schedule Your Complimentary 20 minute RESULTS Call Today! 424-226-21 or Visit:

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Joan Mia

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