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Docola is a social good org that’s created a free health communication platform for patient and healthcare providers to e-prescribe good resources (videos, checklists, pdfs, interactive decision aids, etc) to patients and families. It’s not ad driven or selling patient data. They’re also working with orgs nationally to create a patient education content clearinghouse, so clinicians can easily find quality resources that are currently scattered across the web. And they’re partnering with organizations like the Center for Plain Language & Savvy Co-op to elevate quality content that’s won health literacy awards, was created with health literacy best practices, and was created in partnership with patients (#patientsincluded). Docola helps clinicians learn how to identify content that is easy to understand and act on, deliver it to patients, and to help orgs improve their content as they’ll work to earn these credentials. Their goal is to make a care communication ecosystem and community.

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Geri Baumblatt

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