Eleanor Snitka

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Eleanor educates the public throughout the year about mood disorders/mental illness through kiosk displays at different events in the community throughout the year. She also holds group sessions with those in-patient care once a week and outside of hospital who need to meet to talk at a few different areas within the Parkland area a couple times a week throughout the year. … She also gets us in educating ourselves with the help of her, other health professionals, reading literature and getting involved in helping to educate others who still have a hard time realizing what mental illness is and how the public can help us by mostly trying to understanding it (that is for the lucky ones of us who feel we can be in front of the public in different forums and are not afraid or ashamed to talk about our mental illness like me). Eleanor Snitka is a Health Literacy Hero. Posted 2014.

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Parkland Chapter if the Mood Disorders of Manitoba

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Pamela Harvey

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