Greg O’Neill

About This Hero:

Greg is transforming our health care organization, the largest in Delaware into a health literate organization, through is energy and love for patient understanding. He turned a one person job of handling our hospital’s patient education resources into a team of 5 people who work across the entire organization to raise awareness of health literacy, promote health literacy universal precautions, launch an organization-wide teach-back initiative, and partner with patient education vendors whose materials ensure patient understanding. He developed a mission and vision for this team approach, presented it to senior executives and received their endorsement along with the integration of health literacy into strategic planning. He also was a key contributor to recognizing the need for and planning Delaware’s first Health Literacy Round Table. Greg is a true health literacy advocate and visionary striving for a culture change where health care is accessible and understandable for all.

Hero’s Affiliation:

Patient & Family Health Education Manager, ChristianaCare

Contact Name:

Christine Brown

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