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Helena A. C. Sampaio, Soraia P. M. Arruda, Clarice M. A. C. Vergara, Cláudia M. C. S. Vasconcelos, Daianne C. Rocha, Tatiana U. Passos, Sabrina D. Sabry, Bruna Y. C. Silva, Ana L. R. Ferreira, Elainy P. Mariano, Ehrika V. A. Menezes, Ana J. N. Oliveira, Lais M. Aguiar, Mariana D. Cordeiro, Raissa M. A. Lima, Karen M. Timbó, Nayranne H. C. Tavares, Patrícia C. Alves, Itamara A. Silva, Walter C. P. Vasconcelos Filho, Maria B. B. Andrade, Yanna L. M. Paiva, Bruna Borges, Ayana F. Meneses

About this Hero

People need to talk about health literacy since their early professional training. Unfortunately, in general, universities don’t include this theme in their curriculum. We developed an activity to celebrate health literacy month and to put this theme under discussion at our University.

Hero’s Affiliation

Universidade Estadual do Ceará

Contact Name

Helena Alves de Carvalho Sampaio

Contact Phone

55 85 988028796

Contact Email