Kimberly King

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Kimberly is an author of the most important book for kids, I Said No! A kid to kid guide to keeping private parts private. She is sexual abuse prevention educator and advocate with and The Rowan Center. She is a certified sexual assault crisis counselor with the CT Alliance.
She was a victim of sexual abuse in college. She wrote, I Said No! with her younger son following an unwanted touch episode at a play date.
Kimberly spends her time connecting with parents online. During the pandemic she designed a free online class that gives all parents the access to this essential prevention Information.
She hopes to get the prevention tools all parents need into every household! Her goal is to educate kids and parents on tough topics in a non-icky, authentic, calm way, one book or one class – at a time.
Her books are about tough topics like healthy living, fitness, nutrition, and self-esteem.

She is an amazing woman and my mom.

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Author of I Said No! A kid to kid guide to keeping private parts private,,, The Rowan Center, Kindergarten Teacher -St.Paul’s School

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