Lisa Romard NP, AE-C & KFH Program

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Throughout the many years working with the pediatric population as a nurse, I have experienced first-hand how important it is to incorporate health literacy tools when offering patient education to patients & families. Health literacy has become a focus of mine throughout the years. I am for a certified pediatric NP, and a certified asthma educator. I am a member of hospital & community committees, coalitions etc. that focus on patient education & health literacy.

I identify my role as a health care practitioner, patient/family advocate, & educator. Over the past few years I have partnered with a program developed at our hospital that utilizes community health workers for assisting children and families with home management of asthma. I developed/designed an asthma tool kit (ATK) & named it the SBC ATK. I achieved the development of the prototype for the tool through a small financial grant that I was awarded to purchase supplies. That was the start of something good. The ATK was developed for the reasons of assisting families with their child’s home asthma management plans.

The goals were to address medication storage & safety, health communication & monitoring, as well be a home resource tool for the families. With the help of the KFH coordinator & community health workers, we implemented the use of this tool with these families, & through the years have modified the tool kit when needed to meet the individual needs according to their health literacy, language etc. One part of the tool kit is a binder each family get in their ATK bag. The sheets in the binder help to organize the child’s health information, keep important medical documents, is a place for a personalized home plan and education forms. These instruction handouts are personalized, created according to the prescribed home asthma plan for that child, developed in the preferred language, & addressing health literacy needs of the child & adult care takers who will be using this tool. For some families we have to incorporate pictographs, color code information etc. for those who reading and language is a barrier.

The ATK bag, & contents, including the log/information book, patient’s stored medication & asthma devices are brought to medical appointments for review with their healthcare providers (HCP). At the apt the HCP and staff can review with the family medications, use of devices, log of symptom & medication used at home. This facilitates the communication, care coordination, education and more. It creates a partnership in asthma care and education with the child and families. We have had positive feedback, & testimonials from the patients, families, healthcare providers, community health workers, public health nurses etc. for who the tool kits have been used & assisted them in the care & communication of the child with asthma. The ATK has been noted to be used as a possible prototype for other disease management & patient care programs. The ATK was added as a tool for the SBC DSRIP project for pediatric patients with asthma. The recognition & inclusion of this tool by the DRSIP management, and consultants gives value & credit to this as a health management & health literacy tool.

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(Myself) Lisa Romard Nurse practitioner, certified asthma educator (NP, AE-C)

KFH(Keeping familes healthy community health workers program)

Both affiliated with Stony Brook Childrens (SBC), Asthma coalition of LI (ACLI),Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program

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Lisa Romard

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