Partnership and Collaboration

For October 2013, I am honoring the concept of partnership and collaboration as a Health Literacy Hero. I knew from the start of this initiative that the best way to raise health literacy awareness was by doing so together. How right I was. And still am. Since 1999, healthcare providers, patients, family members, caregivers, teachers, students, librarians, public health agencies, religious organizations, community agencies, businesses, broadcasters, government groups, elected leaders, the public, and so many others have worked in partnership to collectively raise awareness about the importance of understandable health information. Because of our combined efforts, thousands of people worldwide now know about health literacy and why it matters. And an increasing number are communicating health messages more clearly. Collaboration is key to this success. As I often say, “Together we can, and do, make a big difference.” Thanks for all you do. You indeed are Health Literacy Heroes!