Prevention Research Center (PRC)

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The PRC has focused on providing culturally and linguistically appropriate COVID-19 health education materials in a multi-ethnic refugee community as well as provide support needed for PPE distribution to over 5,800 apartment units. In collaboration with our community partners, we learned of the need to dispel myths and provide information on prevention strategies. We created a booklet that is written using plain language guidelines at below the 5th grade reading level; the booklet has also been translated into 7 different languages for distribution in the community. Additionally, we created a booklet that addresses parents of children ages 0-5. Booklets are available on our website for download, and we recently created an animated powerpoint of the booklet for parents that is accessible on YouTube. For the PPE distribution effort, we created health literate lawn signs and simple cards with prevention strategies including calling the doctor if you feel sick.

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Georgia State University, School of Public Health

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Iris Feinberg

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