Princess Margaret Cancer Health Literacy Research Centre

About This Hero:

The Princess Margaret Cancer Health Literacy Research Centre (CHLRC) is a health literacy hero because we are committed to and focused on health literate care. We conduct research to better understand the impact of health literacy, how it contributes to overall cancer self-management and health outcomes and what the implications are for cancer health systems. In addition we develop and evaluate interventions that aim to improve cancer care through health literate approaches. Some of the interventions we have developed include a search engine to help patients and family access high quality plain language patient education materials in a user-friendly way ( manuscript: PMID: 28539305) and digitally health literate online classes ( to expand access to classes that had only been available in-person. The classes are developed and tested to be digitally health literate.

Hero’s Affiliation:

Princess Margaret Cancer Center

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Janet Papadakos

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