Riley Rees

About This Hero:

Riley is the founder and CEO of Sofia Health. The mission of her company is to increase access to health and wellness to all people, everywhere. The company ensures an individual’s needs are met holistically; addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Not only does her company bring together health and wellness professionals, she also created a Free Series. Health and wellness professionals come on live, discuss a topic and answer client questions, Free. She also started a movement supporting women and minority owned businesses. Sofia Health powers their business and in exchange, they provide their services to an underserved community, Free. She built an incredibly powerful feedback loop that empowers health and wellness entrepreneurs and ensures those who cannot afford it can still receive the same benefits, information, and access.

Riley is a true entrepreneur, increasing access to health, empowering entrepreneurs and increasing access to education!

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Sofia Health

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Meghan Fridley

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