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Run For Change through the Somali Family Safety Task Force and Congolese Integration Network

About this Hero

Those collaborating on Run For Change – namely, Farhiya Mohamed, Floribert Mubalama, Veena Krishna, Jessica Schreindl, Jim McCue, and Jordan Mutamba – are Health Literacy Heroes because they are directly addressing the health disparities that exist throughout South King County. This initiative is the first of its kind in South King County, and by creating a unified voice for immigrant and refugee families from different countries and cultures, Run For Change acts as a community-based approach to realizing greater health outcomes for all.

Hero’s Affiliation

Partnership between the Somali Family Safety Task Force and the Congolese Integration Network to provide youth mentorship for our immigrant and refugee students (and their families). Through this program, our students are able to pursue running activities that encourage lifelong health and wellness. More can be found on the following website and social media page, including upcoming events, partnerships, and photos:

Website: somalifamilysafetytaskforce.org/run-for-change
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/RunForChangeSeattle/

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Jim McCue

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