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Only 12% of Americans have a proficient level of health literacy; however, our health care system generally caters to this 12%, creating significant barriers to effective patient care. In 2011, Community Healthcare Network’s (CHN) senior leadership spearheaded an internally funded agency-wide health literacy initiative to address this issue. CHN’s health literacy initiative aims to improve patient outcomes by creating an organizational culture based on health literacy principles. CHN’s senior leadership has supported the implementation of policies and procedures that allow for the integration of health literacy into organizational structure, including hiring initiative staff, providing extensive staff training on health literacy, developing committees to increase staff engagement around health literacy, and incorporating health literacy into all strategic planning. CHN’s senior leadership has been crucial in the advancement of health literacy at CHN. Posted 2014.

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Community Healthcare Network – a network of 11 federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) in New York City that provides health care to over 75,000 patients annually.

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Emily Briglia

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