The Patient and Family Education Committee at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

About this Hero

The Patient and Family Education Committee members are Health Literacy Heros. Throughout the month of October, This committee demonstrated the Health Literacy Hero Spirit by: rounding on in-patient units and encouraging staff to teach simply. The rounding took place on both day and night shift. Staff were given an opportunity to take a “KISS” (Keep It Simple Selfie). The photo depicted individuals and groups to hold up a dry erase board indicating a medical word they currently use and a simple word that could be used instead (ie. Instead of cathether; I will say tube.). Staff had the option of donning a red cape as a prop demonstrating the role of hero/heroine. The photos were uploaded to our internal intranet and available for other staff to review. Other events this month included information tables in public spaces inside the hospital. Information re: “AskMe3”, medication safety and utilization of the patient portal (MyPennMedicine) was available .

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Nurses, OT, librarian, clinical director, IT group (MyPennMedicine) RD

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Andrea R. Blount MPH BSN RN

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(267) 324-6211

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