Tuyen Van Duong

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Dr. Duong is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Taipei Medical University, the Assistant Secretary-General of Asian Health Literacy Association. He has been conducting high-quality studies, promoting HL in several Asian countries. He has coordinated the AHLA network seminar monthly in Taiwan (HL agenda in Asia), Vietnam (Teach-Back Method; Health Literate Practices in a Public Hospital), United States (HL micro-lectures), Indonesia (HL: bridging the cultures), Thailand (HL Strategies to Enhance Empty Lifestyles in ASEAN), Bangladesh (HL studies compilation; Host organization and involvement with AHLA), Hong Kong (HL research and practices), Malaysia (HL and communication), Mongolia (HL and addicted behaviors), and Philippines (CAPI method used in National HL Survey).

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School of Nutrition and Health Sciences, Taipei Medical University

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Tuyen V Duong

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+886227361661 ext 6505

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