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Who is a Health Literacy Hero?

Health Literacy Heroes are individuals, teams, and organizations who identify health literacy problems and act to solve them. Being a hero, enables you to share and inform other health literacy professionals of your ideas, and your influence. Together we have superpowers!

Be a part of the health literacy ripple

There are so many ways to being a health literacy hero. To start, we want to hear from you. It is your participation that spreads the ripple, the long-term effect of helping each other expand and grow "our" health literacy community. Why not be a hero? You can be a hero!

Here are examples of health literacy heros

  • Raise awareness about why health literacy matters. IHA has organized and hosted more than a dozen health literacy conferences that serve as a hub of learning. Mary Gynn introduced health literacy concepts to her nursing colleagues.
  • Create materials that are easy to read, understand, and use. Health Information Translations provides free access to more than 3,000 health education resources in up to 18 languages. Massachusetts Health Quality Partners posts health care quality data in ways the public can understand. HELP (Health Education Library for People) is India’s largest patient education center.
  • Partner with communities and colleagues to advance health literacy. Archie Willard encouraged “new readers” (adults learning to read, like himself) and clinicians to work together. Sinai Urban Health Institute Asthma Team helped more than 180 clients with asthma who live in underserved communities. North Carolina’s Wake Health Literacy Coalition educates professionals and the public about health literacy.