About the Health Literacy Month Handbook

Health Literacy Month Handbook: The Event Planning Guide for Health Literacy Advocates

We often refer to people like you as “health literacy advocates.” We get excited about wanting to ensure that the way people communicate does not get in the way of the healthcare people need. And we are eager to share both our passion for this effort and what we know about the topic with each other and the communities in which we work and live. That desire to share is why the Health Literacy Month Handbook was created. This handbook was written by Helen Osborne and is meant to be a guide that can be used to create, plan, run, and evaluate events that raise awareness about this very important issue. 

(PDF 1mb file size)

Anyone can plan and run a Health Literacy Month event. What you do need is a determination to let the world know that health literacy matters and a plan to get from idea to action. This Handbook is here to help. It covers topics ranging from finding people to work with and brainstorming ideas to putting an event together, marketing it, and assessing effectiveness. Throughout the Handbook you’ll find examples and insights from others who have made Health Literacy Month events happen. 

In addition, the Handbook has worksheets, review forms, a sample press release, a countdown calendar, and other practical tools for you to use. There are also references to other resources, including websites, where you can learn more.