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Health Literacy Month
October 1-31, 2022

Building Health Literacy Awareness Through Action

For more than 20 years, October has been recognized as Health Literacy Month. Health Literacy Month is a time of international observance when hospitals, health centers, literacy programs, libraries, social service agencies, businesses, professional associations, govern­ment agencies, consumer alliances, and many other groups can work collaboratively to integrate and expand the mission of health literacy.

Health Literacy Month was founded by Helen Osborne and is now brought to you by the Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA).

This month, we will work together to shift from health literacy awareness to health literacy action by building a world where all individuals have access to quality health outcomes.

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The Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) strives to help everyone across the healthcare system integrate health literacy into their professional practice and development. For decades, IHA has worked to provide world-class learning tools, conferences, resources and consulting to health experts. 

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